We accompany companies in their sustainability journey: from the definition of the communication strategy, to the development of media relation, digital communication, internal communication, stakeholder engagement & management activities as well as the implementation of reporting tools.


Only a third of Italian companies declare to be satisfied with the achievement of their sustainability communication goals. They find it difficult to describe seemingly different topics that are often complex to explain in a coherent way*

(*) Astrarea research

1 Corporate reputation

We help companies to define communication strategies aiming at telling the value of their commitment to sustainability, as an integral part of their corporate reputation

2 Stakeholders

We do this thanks to our ability to talk to different stakeholders, with targeted and integrated online and offline tools and channels

3 Storytelling

We develop a storytelling that facilitates the understanding of commitments and results starting from the interests of the listener

4 Innovative paths

We outline innovative communication paths using new channels, new formats and new languages, that are specific for sustainability topics

5 Data visualization

We make complex content understandable through the visualization of data, the use of information design and interactive tools

6 Educate and create culture

We generate value through the communication itself as a tool to educate and create culture, which becomes an integral part of the sustainability commitment and purpose of the companies


Advisory in the definition of communication plans to present and promote ESG strategies to all internal and external stakeholders:

  • Identification of key messages and development of the narrative framework

  • Education projects, call to action, thematic campaigns

  • Partnership initiatives to support communication

Media relations

Development and implementation of offline/online media relation plans aimed at highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability through its projects

  • Development of editorial partnerships

  • Training of spokespersons on sustainability topics

  • Creation of original contents through researches and white papers

Digital communication

Use of digital channels to decline ESG messages for specific targets in synergy with and as an integral part of the communication on traditional media

  • Vertical editorial plans for proprietary social media

  • Web listening and analysis

  • Influencer marketing

  • Development of “sustainability” sections on corporate websites or dedicated websites

  • Development of online editorial partnership for branded content

Internal communication

Design of internal communication plans aimed at creating a common culture, sharing sustainability goals with internal stakeholders, strengthening a sense of belonging and creating engagement

  • Information and awareness campaigns

  • Dedicated tools (newsletter, video, posters, podcasts, interactive dashboards)

  • Content creation for intranet, house organ, corporate TV, welcome kit

  • Sustainability Ambassadorship programs

  • Assessment of the sustainability culture of organizations and companies through surveys and internal audits

Stakeholder engagement & management

Development of stakeholder engagement and management plans with reference to ESG strategies

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Audit and materiality anaylisis

  • Organization of Sustainability Days


Realization of contents to create knowledge, awareness and culture on sustainability topics through an informative approach addressed to internal and external stakeholders

  • Creation of "corporate journals" or editorial hubs: from drafting texts, to implementing the publishing technology platform, to promoting content on social and digital channels

  • Development of texts and multimedia contents

  • Definition of the graphic design and the editorial plan

  • Organization of editing teams

Sustainability reporting

Support companies in the design and development of the full range of sustainability reporting tools (sustainability reports, non-financial statements, integrated financial statements)

  • Development of the Sustainability Report: definition of standards and guidelines; realization of materiality analysis; identification and selection of KPIs; data collection on the basis of established qualitative and quantitative metrics

  • Editorial plan and content creation

  • Report design: realization of static reports for print and pdf publications as well as online, interactive and multi-device digital editions

  • Creation of vertical wesbites, video content and spin-off products for social media to increase the report’s visibility and attractiveness

#CALLTOSUSTAINABILITY is an initiative promoted by:

Consulting firm specialized in corporate, financial and crisis communication as well as in the promotion of sustainability projects. It takes care of the reputation of its clients on traditional and digital media, through integrated communication projects that involve media relations, traditional and digital PR, monitoring and the management of social media and other digital properties.


  • Assessments and analyses

  • Consultancy

  • Public relations

  • Content management

The Visual Agency is a data visualization and information design firm that specializes in transforming complex data and information into meaningful communications and memorable stories.


  • Interactive Products

  • Reporting

  • Videos

  • Other communication products

Agency that supports brands in building deep, engaging and memorable relationships. Guided by listening, through the stories, values and talents of the people and companies it meets, it provides consultancy services and creates sustainable growth and digital innovation projects.


  • Brand strategy

  • Brand identity

  • Brand experience

  • Multimedia content


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